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  • Markshire PCs:

Well I can only offer advice here. But this is what i’d do.

Create and elven warrior character. Focus on using bows, and only bows. Might even start crafting bows. Also, I forget the prerequisites but I believe some archane spell casting is required so take a level or two in either sorcerer or wizard, whichever is appropriate. Also, figure out what level you’d like to start into the prestige class. I’d suggest somewhere around the 8-10 range.

Now the most important part is getting the RP face time in. And that’s more than just “bows bows bows, I LIKE BOWS!” … I’d say
play up the warrior/hunter aspect then have a revelation of some sort about magic use and how it can be applied to your hunting.
All that being done, apply well in advance. Sometime after you’ve established a good RP base but a couple (3-5) levels before you want to take the class. Don’t rush up those levels either.

That’s about all the advice I can give you. Any other questions?

– mule