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  • Markshire PCs:

Your banned Char is banned. If he trie to come in and hear the uniter’s speech he will be kicked out and not have the oppertunity to accept/join the campaign. So, sorry, the RP would be tainted

Just curious, but why continue a ban that occurred IC over a year and a half ago. It wasn’t like my character was caught cheating or something. I made an IC decision not to go along with the spire, and was subsequently kicked out by mortimer. Being that much time has passed, why couldn’t he be welcomed again. Especially if evil powers are aligning, it would make sense to want one of the more well known and powerful evil pcs to be included.

I really don’t get how the rp would be “tainted” if mortimer or a spire authority asked vastion to submit to the spire’s rule, and he said yes. It taints nothing. He has been alone in the woods for a year and a half, maybe he would be more likely to accept it. It is pretty cold in the woods you know.