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  • Markshire PCs:

In that same light…why would vastion want to align himself with the spire?

if its purely to get involved with this campaign…and not based on what the character would do then i would venture to say its not a valid reason..

if he were to turn over a new leaf (druid joke, get it?) then that might be something that should be taken care of in a bio or something like that…from what i remember the bios right now dont really reflect that.

btw…it probably wont be fun for a bunch of lower levels to be in a campaign with an epic…the combat wouldnt be interesting…either it would be too hard for them and they would all die every fight..or it would be really easy for you (which is what i would guess) and they wouldnt have anything to fight at all.

Rok is a bit different because he doesnt do any heavy lifting, which means he typically just swoops in at the end for an ear or something.

Either way…i would say write a bio detailing how youve tried to make amends because its highly unlikely mortimer would simply ask for someone who he has banned (regardless of how long its been) …

something about “integrity of the server” and whatnot…though i dont make those decisions so its very possible these two quarters i have been rubbing together could very well be pennies.