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  • Markshire PCs:

Considering I’ve been a ghost on the server since the first few episodes of opi’s last campaign, I haven’t touched vastion since well before the whole tree shard campaign. If I have popped in it’s been as portales, as he’s by far the most fun to play. So Vastion’s story last left off with him hiding out in the woods, and a conflict with his daughter. I hadn’t thought of using him again until now. The logic for including him may not be that he seeks out forgiveness. A more likely senerio would be that evil power X is aligning all evil, and seeks him out, and he would agree to join if for no other reason than to destroy good. So I don’t really see a long drawn out back story about the road to forgiveness happening. It’s up to Opi if he wants him included. If not, if I have the time, I’ll make a new char. Over the past few weeks, when I’ve logged into the server there was noone on, and I just didn’t have the stomach for killing orcs alone with a level 1.

I really wish you guys would play NWN2.