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  • Markshire PCs:

That is alright. No harm done. You coulda come back. They spet 2hrs walking the forest. Part 2 of episode 2 will finish this Friday, which will be the meat of the episode. Well, depending on the many evil possible solutions.

On a side note, children, my bro and I and a nutrtion nazi were disscussig child diets and behavioral side effects. The main point that was tottally valid was the High Fructose Corn syrup. It is in everything. Often it is overlooked as calories might be low in the product. The naziks point was it may not effect a 150lb man but is like caffine and crack to a small child. Maybe it helps or maybe not. Hard to find products that are eatible that don’t contain it or another super concentrate sugar. The nazi says it would be best to give a spoon full of white sugar than a gram of frucrtose corn syrup.