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Episode 7
The kidnapping that must occur is against and evil man, a firm lawful man with evil motives. His life is a share’ ad to mask his evil heart, his wife and teenage daughters are the only ones who know not his evil side. Head of the committee that governs and oversees the orphanages in Stonemark, this man has kept them in top shape for the last thirty years. It just so happens that the artifact is part of the scepter he carries as part of his title and ten-year status. The goal is to kidnap one of the daughters that is now dating a boy the necromancer has been working his magic on. He will set up an opportunity for them to kidnap the girl and procure a hideout inside the city. Their goal with the child is to out evil the man and break him into trading the scepter for the daughter. This official shows no love for his child and cares not if she dies. The party must negotiate with the shadow spies as their messengers and lure the official outside the city walls. Once there they kill him for the scepter which he doesn’t have.
Once the official is dead there is a post of the new head of the committee. Later the post on this will be the repeal of child labor laws in orphanages and a new work study program starting.