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Episode 8
A secret society is discovered by a ghost. The building is impenetrable by the spies. A common person has been seen in association with the place and is identified as Jibby. Jibby must be found and dealt with. He will be questioned for information and he will wish to remain neutral. He is willing to trade, the way in for the moving of some goods and services of another client. He refuses to tell of the secret society on the bases of client confidentiality contracts. So first they must do his dirty work and then in the next episode he will let them into the secret building.
Dogs, there is a large order for dogs that Jibby needs collected and delivered to a ship in the Docks. It doesn’t matter the condition of the dog, just has to be 101. Cats will be accepted but at a discounted rate, 2-1.

Jibby’s cache
Jibby’s contact