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  • Markshire PCs:

Oh boy! Listening to it was a trip.

What I found most interesting in the podcast was Atari owning the Unity engine and pushing it for future titles in the “democratization of games”. Interesting. It seems that Atari owns unity now, just as InstantAction owns its main competitor, Torque. Those guys on the podcast completely missed the point that Atari likes. $1000 engines that can do 80-90% of what Unreal can do will get small dev houses that can afford half a mil for Unreal and one will make the next Portal. It is true however that you can ship Unity’s editor suite (or Torque’s or Unreal’s for that matter) so the developer does not have to make their own tools.

As for premium mods, I have an old mod lying around that was WAY overdeveloped for what it was actually used for (DM’ed weekly sessions and a PW prototype), but I’d still rate it far off of professional caliber and you are better off developing premium mods for NWN2.