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@Corgano wrote:

Ok, I can understand the angle they were going for with Kirk being a brawler and all… But in the movie, Kirk just seemed to be so bad at it. I mean, he didn’t win a single fight. Sure he can use a phaser, but in hand-to-hand he kept getting his butt kicked from everyone! Don’t get me wrong, I think his acting was great, but that was just my observation on the fighting scenes.

Sometimes you get the upperhand by allowing the other guy to get in a few good punches. As in the “I’ve got your weapon.” scene.

Kirk frequently required the aid of a Vulcan pinch here and there in the old show. The key was he got in there and mixed it up. And frequently he ended up captured for his impertinence.

I think the “young” Kirk they have was fine. He’s still too young to understand that being out-numbered is a bad thing. But his enthusiasm and straight up tenacity make up for his immaturity.