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  • Markshire PCs:

I wanted to say I am about 10 hours in so far. I’ve complete the background story, a few sidequests, and one of the story sections. I am playing on the harder difficulty (not nightmare) so my party does get hit with my spells, which can be a problem. After I play through it once, I am going to try a dwarf rogue assassin on nightmare. Though an evil bloodmage might be fun too. So far I think mages are vastly superior to the other classes. Often times my party will be wiped out with the exception of my mage. I do set the ai, and sometimes pause the game to dish out assignments. I have been forced to add con points to many of the party members as they seemed to get smoked. I have unlocked 3 other party members in addition to the 2 you start with.

Here’s my character

Race: Elf
Level: 10
Specializations: Arcane Warrior (though I haven’t used it yet)
Alignment: he’d be good if there was an alignment
Favorite spell so far: virilent walking bomb (I love seeing the enemies explode) I have not used any elemental spells, I was trying to stay away from them.