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@BoostNJuice wrote:

not sure what her real name is, but she was Vala in SG1……


We have a winner!!!

Her name is Claudia Black. She played in Farscape and SG1 as well as in one of my favorite movies: Pitch Black.

As far as my character specs go:

Race: Human
Origin: Noble
Class: Warrior
Level: 13
Specializations: Champion
Alignment: Neutral/Good
Favorite attack: Shield Bash. I love knocking my opponents over so I (And my companions) can get in some free attacks on them. Of course I hate when they do it to me.
Current Party Members: Shale, Leliana, Wynne, and myself. Though I do like Morrigan as well.

My rogue Leliana gets the crap kicked out of her quite often. I’m glad she has some abilities with a bow so she can use that and hang back. I do use the pause & play feature a lot too to give my guys orders.