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  • Markshire PCs:

Just finished in a shade under 50 hours. Going to do another play through and go evil this time.

Final Character:

Elf Mage
Level 21
Spec: Arcane Warrior/Spirit Healer

Best companions: Leliana (Ranger/Bard) with song of courage and a maxed spider companion she survived almost all of my battles. The spider rocks. Wynne (Healer/Arcane Warrior) ran out of magic quickly but was still useful.

Worst companions: Sten (Champion) this idiot got killed in less than 30 seconds in every fight, even wearing a full set of legion of the dead armor.

I unlocked 100% of the maps and did all but one sidequest that I know of. After maxing Arcane Warrior, my main char became an unstoppable tank that averaged a total of over 60 damage on a regular hit. Fully buffed he would only receive 1 damage from a common monster, and this was on hard.

I missed unlocking bloodmage and reaver, but got all the rest. Shapeshifter was crap. I also finished all the companion sidequests.

Has anyone figured out what you can do with the black vials. I killed 5 revenants (I didn’t kill the one in Denerim). Just wondering what happed if you killed them all.