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  • Markshire PCs:

Your char gets to select specializations at level 7 and 14. If you have your companions for those levels you can pick a second class for them. Some like sten don’t have any. Not sure if you can take two with him, I have him champion. I made the bard a ranger, the assassin a duelist, and the old lady an arcane warrior. Oh and I made Morgainne a healer. I missed bloodmage because my char was a good guy. I’d like to do a play through and have 3 bloodmages, but I doubt that will happen.

I started a new game with a human noble fighter on nightmare. Currently he’s level 6 and uses two weapon fighting tree. Even on nightmare he cruised through the first few areas. He’s currently stuck on the tower boss during the big battle. I refuse to turn down the difficulty to beat him, so there he sits, having died like 20 times. Was going to go for a Reaver/Berzerker.

I experimented with a dwarven rogue and just didn’t like it. On nightmare she kept getting smoked. Nothing beats an arcane warrior fully buffed. The replay value of the game isn’t as good as mass effect in my opinion.