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  • Markshire PCs:

It was perfectly planned. This is a small private pond where there are too many of these fish in it. The fish is a grass carp and in a pond this size you should only have maybe 3 of them there. They eat excess vegetation and keep your pond clean. Anyway, the landowner has 16, er… 15 now, fish in this pond and I am charged with getting them out of the pond. We tried the tazer boat to no avail so now I’m snagging them with 2 treble hooks suspended below a bobber. They swim in a big school right on the surface, when they swim by I snag them. Easy peasey lemon squeezey.

This fish is nothing like anything in Alaska. They are not native to the area and used only to keep weeds in check. Unfortunately they got loose and are in a lot of riverine systems. There is no quota on catching them nor are there any rules on how to catch them.

I need to get out and catch one of the big ones.