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I agree with Shanara. I bought MS2 thinking it might somehow be more fun than MS1, but did not enjoy it at all. I never finished it. The map always gets in the way, going from one area to another takes forever and the characters you create, all look like they’re on steroids or something. I also could never get comfortable or feel at ease with the controls that move the character around. It’s much easier and more fun to do that in MS1.

If, as Monty says, you have new things you’ve created for MS2 which are adaptable for MS1, I’m hoping you’ll decide to put them in. If you did, everyone would come back. I’m sure of it.

Things you could do to make MS1 more enjoyable:
1. Raise the max. Level up to 30. (For all of the characters who are already maxed out.)

2.Put in some new areas we can explore.

3.Make the Spider temple a little easier . . . so we won’t be afarid go there.

4.Maybe open another shop in Stonemark that sells dresses and gowns? (Optional, of course!)

But no matter what you do or change . . . the game will be nothing without the DMs. They must come back too. They are what really make it such a fun place to be.

Kelly Ann