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  • Markshire PCs:

I love MS as much as the next player, but that being said i think you(the builders of MS2) have come too far to stop and revert to MS1. the beauty of MS1 is that it is for the most part complete. By this I mean it has functioned as a stand alone PW that is almost as entertaining without a DM as with. That being said I think most would agree that we can all jump back in to it and feel like we are playing a finished product. why fix what is not broken? Ms2 on the other hand is not complete and has left some of us jonesing for a more complete experience. I realize that it is most likely more difficult to finish MS2 vs. updating MS1, but I think you will be selling yourselves short if you abandon the project now.

And as a side note the biggest flaw to NWN2 is the plot lines. I believe that is why most people don’t care for this game. I’m willing to bet that if MS2 were more complete that fewer people would be bothered by the mechanics of the game.

there you have it, so GL on your decision, we will be behind you either way.