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  • Markshire PCs:

New job last October means I am out of the family business HEL I was in for 5 years. I should have listened to Iathouz and the boys when they snickered at my predicament. Never, EVAR join a small company when you will be the only non-relative. Now in a job I immensely enjoy.

Winter and Spring have been full of soccer madness. Lil’ girl is not so little any more, and is quite the force on the field. I am steadily building a fusion of basketball post moves, football aggression and soccer in her. She’ll either be Olympic of banned from the sport entirely if things go as planned. She is also becoming a rather staunch Steeler fan, and will soon be taught that the best defense is not an offense, but the opposing quarterback being put on his backside. Repeatedly. With great repetition.

We adopted a greyhound a while ago as some of you know. We now foster dogs waiting for homes and have done so for about a year, having 6 or 7 dogs come stay with us in that time. They come off the race track and into our home where we try to acclimate them to things like stairs, people, grass, etc. They really know nothing but the crate and the racetrack until they come to us. I have also become an adoption representative for the group, interviewing folks that want to rescue a retired racer and seeing if they are ready for their quirks. More of that info is here.

The cat is NOT a fan of our little outreach effort however, and is rather upset whenever a new Godzilla dog arrives.

I still manage the Neverwinter Vault site about 350 days a year, and have taken a course here or there in an effort to get some computer certifications.