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@BeyondThePale wrote:

We adopted a greyhound a while ago as some of you know. We now foster dogs waiting for homes and have done so for about a year, having 6 or 7 dogs come stay with us in that time. They come off the race track and into our home where we try to acclimate them to things like stairs, people, grass, etc. They really know nothing but the crate and the racetrack until they come to us. I have also become an adoption representative for the group, interviewing folks that want to rescue a retired racer and seeing if they are ready for their quirks. More of that info is here.

Excellent, man! I remember when you took in your first greyhounds and posted the info and pictures here. It’s so great that you’re reaching out even more as a representative. 🙂 I’m certain they’re appreciating your efforts.