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  • Markshire PCs:

Great to hear that everyone above me in this post is doing well and achieving their goals…. It must be in the water then because I can’t really report anything too bad in my life either.

I was laid off a year ago from the last auto shop i will ever work at. And as a result that lit a fire under me that got me moving on and forward instead of the downward spiral.

Last november I began a 15 month program to get an AA in culinary arts from the Le Cordon Blue school here in downtown Chicago. I will be done with classes and begin my externship this November and I am proud to say that I have not revived a grade lower than a B- in any class, and that includes some rough classes like the wine and beverage class I just finished, or the menu planing course. If anyone if interested I can post it somewhere. when the classroom studies are done I will begin the online bachelor program.

my family are doing great , kids are nuts, Connor is playing football this year and I am the Defensive coach for his team, thats a good time… lol

hope everyone else is doing great too!!!!


Go Minions!!!!!!!