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  • Markshire PCs:

I have to stick my $0.02 in here. What the HEL is going on in our society that loud mouth, rude, arrogant jerks get away with all sorts of stuff? Today, my daughter and my wife were sitting in the mall parking lot, parked, feeding my daughter’s new baby, and some lady turns into the spot next to her and hits their car.
They get out and this crazy woman starts screaming at them, abusive and for no reason at all. They did nothing because of the baby, and I think they were a bit afraid. I advised them to CALL THE POLICE. I know that in future, I will no longer hesitate to get the police involved. No longer does society impose restraint on people. They act like lunatics all the time, and it’s supposed to be acceptable.
That is B*LLSH*T. If someone gets in your face, CALL THE POLICE. Don’t be embarrassed, don’t “give them a break”. Get them in as much trouble as possible. They will ruin YOUR life in a heartbeat. It is sad to have to do that, but there is no longer an alternative. If you wait, they use their influence to screw you over.
Boost, if you are ever in that situation again, red-tag the guy INSTANTLY. Then, when he starts abusing you (and he WILL), call the police, and have him ARRESTED. Then, let him explain how you abused him to a judge. It really is depressing to me that this is necessary, but it’s come down to you screw him over, or he does it to you. And if the league tries to dump you, threaten to SUE. It’s a litigious world, and the only way to survive and get any respect at all is to use the same tactics.
Good luck on the league, and I hope it works out for ya.