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Indeed, G!

Here’s what I have so far:

  1. I once again offer my humble abode.

    I can fit quite a few in my house. We’ll mainly be crashing there and playing games in the dining room so there shouldn’t be any issues with putting people about the house. Just have to move some of Jenn’s stuff about.

  2. Last year’s Gathering was a blast with the Beer tours. I still have several growlers to take back. Which will save us a few bucks if we return to Honeoye Falls’ Custom BrewCrafters or Three Brother’s.
  3. We missed out on the German restaurant last year in Canandaigua but I will be prepared with reservations this year.
  4. I’m sure Eric will offer up his place for Friday night bonfire again but what say you Guido?
  5. We still have a Shadowrun campaign going and can continue that or go for another system. BattleTech, D&D, or my new one … Serenity/Firefly RPG.
  6. I will be taking the whole week off once again for this event. So people are welcome to show up as early as they want.

So let’s start planning. I have already researched some new options for day trips. I will endeavor to ensure that beer and food are involved in pretty much anything we do.

Since we have outstanding newb invites for the event, I think we’ll refrain from anymore newb invites until we’re certain of returning fellows.

Current outstanding invitees that have yet to attend:

Lt. Tyler of Boston area
Remus of London area

As per last year, I think our alternate should be Domf. Dominic is from Cleveland, Ohio and could easily make the trip.

Post your thoughts, etc.