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@Kelly wrote:

It was nice of you to explain all of it to me.

Not all of LT’s commentary was explained.

He left out the “d rowpire” reference. Which LT is directing specifically to me.

If you try to post the word “D R O W” it gets replaced with “drow”.

The reason for this is my deep and abiding dislike of all things to do with the race. I understand how many people like the concept of these dark elves and want to constantly incorporate them into Markshire with their character’s backgrounds, etc.

Therefore the race does not exist on Markshire.

The “pire” half of the comment is in reference to players who login to Markshire and expound that they are a “vampire” or are in some other elite position and expect the staff to base stories around them based on these spurious claims.

This happens a lot. Many players don’t care that the server is a Role-Play server and/or think that because it’s a role-play server that they can make up wild stories about their character that can’t possibly happen within the confines of Markshire’s culture and background.

So when taken into combination “d rowpire” means the absolute worst PC concept and role-playing intentions.