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In referance to Horses… in Markshire…. and lvl 40….

When you design a world, and you ar Thrym, BTP, and Opinvu, you take into account all the aspects of the game at the time of conception. You place limits and boundries and guidlines to help you stay on track to complete the perfect vision you started with.

Markshire wasn’t designed for lvl 40, nor was it designed for horses. To add these 2 things would hurt the Markshire experiance. The forest vastness would be nearly obsolete… the danger of the pass would be mocked…. A lost city would be a training ground for boredum. Unless one was to do a MASSIVE makeover to the whole thing.

Now lets say MArkshire’s tectonic plate drifted into a land of Fire and brimstone, a challenger to Thryms domaine, an equally powerful and evil god with slightly more vicious followers of fire and death… It could be a land of 20+. But the problem with that… 1-20 is abandoned completely while your off in this other land. newbs segragated from higher levels. Markshire was centered around the start point to bring all levels back to a common place. This extra land would break that template.

Personally, I would leave out horses, and let the lvl 40 stand, add the planes. After you max at 20, your an agent of your god. Time to choose, with Thrym or against him.
With mean you fight the players efforts of the good and go around undooing the conquers they acheived.
Against would be traveling to these planes with the help of the temple priests and fighting deamons and their hordes. So sure you left the land of Markshire for a time, but this time is limited. One can only stay in these planes for a limited time before your soul is forced back to your body. Bam, back in Markshire, even though you never physically left while still getting the new area experiance.

This concept of other plane batteling could be like missions where both good and evil could go to do battle, like a PVP realm with certain things needing to be destroyed or repaired. The good go to destroy, and the evil goto find resources and repair it. Evil can make trap kits in this realm that when triggered spawn deamon minions to aid the evil player. Thusly requiring some new fun craft recipies. and great script for T to write. The destructable/repairable MONOLITH of evil!

To battle the segration aspect like the Arik issue. (players run off to Arik and have no reason to come back and visit the newb except an OOC reason.) Markshire has many resources in place all over that a 20+ might need to gather and hunt down with newbs to fuel their next trip to the other planes. This would give reason for a 20+ to hang out with a lvl 5 and mine the same cave.. or gather vital herbs. So, thusly there is much preperation this 20+ needs to complete before he can go spend an hour batteling in the other realm each time. With multiple planes to visit, they can all have different requirements to travel to, and different challenges and different degrees or levels of difficulty.

This way you can then make your dxrxoxwx but really it is just a dark (damed elf) that took the side of Thrym and is sent from the other planes to battle on his behalf. Like giving them an avenue to use for their dark elf.