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I’m more interested in being able to dye your cloaks. IF I remember correctly, that’s something that can be done. I just don’t know what it all involves, probably the 1.69 version and some cloak pack or something.

As far as horses go, um… I don’t see there being a lot of places you could ride one at. Not in any of the towns or citys that’s for sure. And they’d probably freeze to death in Arik or on the way there.

I don’t know much about the planes you’re talking about Opi, but it sounds interesting. Giving the player a few new places to visit can’t hurt that’s for sure.

Level 40 characters? I’m not so much into that really. I would think (if anything) that the cap would be bumped up a bit to maybe 25th at max. I just don’t see a need for that high of a level character. Maybe I’m missing something or didn’t think of something? Maybe on those planes that you’re talking about Opi would require a higher level pc to even get there?

Anyways, hope you all have a good Easter and talk to you guys/girls soon!