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At this time I am much more concerned with the server itself. I attempted to install two hard drives so far and both have failed to finish installation of Windows.

So, tomorrow I pull a third from an undisclosed location from an as yet to be discovered source and attempt to install Windows on that hard drive. There’s a high probability that it will cost me a fete from our tech guru.

That being said and back to the “seriousness” of the possible update to 1.69…

Op is correct. The primary concern I have for updating to the new patch is not the content. The only reason I would pursue the update is to remove the annoyance of the message upon login. The reasons for NOT updating to 1.69 are many … primarily of which is the sheer volume of tweaking needed to make the new patch work with the Markshire module.

To give you a clue as to the work needed here’s a list of some of the stuff that would require that I look at the haks we use and have made…

Tilesets (Doors, textures)
Item Appearances

And of course, I will have to compare all of the core scripts to our customized versions so the new stuff works (like spawning horses with the correct behaviors and interactions).

That said, if upon quick update, I don’t see any major glaring holes or screw ups then I might just let the update stand with no changes on my end and let the mod go. This would mean that the mod would go up without any changes internally and people wouldn’t have to worry about versions.

So I hope that clears up my goals for getting Valhalla back up and for updating the server to 1.69.

“… and we thank you for your support.”