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I hope everyone had a great day for the holiday.

I whooped the girlfriend, girlfriend’s sister, girlfriend’s sister’s boyfriend AND girlfriend’s sister’s boyfriend’s son at Settlers of Catan.

We then proceeded to play Bowling Dice (just what it sounds like) which I came in 3rd after a series of markless frames.

Followed by the new Yahtzee Card Game which unfortunately I lost though I placed 2nd in both games we played of it.

Finally, prior to rushing off to Easter dinner we snuck in a game of Monopoly Deal which is the card game version of Monopoly and is 300% more fun then the original game for me. This I also won soundly.

At the end of the Catan game the girlfriend and I were duly informed that my stepfather, the dog whisperer, managed to find and return home our dog who likes to escape from time to time so he can have glorious exploits and adventures.

Mo, our dog, was bunkered in from his night’s slumber in the small section of woods behind the block we live on when my stepfather tracked his ass down and beguiled him into returning home. No idea how he does it. He’ll be standing out back grilling something for dinner and a random dog will wonder up to him. It’s just damned odd.

Mo was a stray for a guesstimate of 3 years and yearns to run loose (note the correct use) on occasion. He’s gotten quite adept at figuring out a new way to escape the clutches of his “evil” handlers (us). After each escape he comes home all contrite and lovable expecting lots of petting. Content in his place within the family again, he bides his time until someone’s attention lapses and he can make good his escape once more.

*pets Mo and signs off*

You can see the wheels turning in his head as he contemplates his next move.