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Lt. Tyler
  • Markshire PCs:

Good point s-m-r; I think I was just focused on the time added to each round to make another roll:

“Dude, you’re up. Roll your attack”

“Hey, where’s the goddamn Mountain Dew”

“C’mon roll”

“Aw man, Slappy here drank the last of the Mountain Dew”


“Ok, I slash at the orc, crying ‘Verily I saith unto you, Meet Thy Maker Evil Doer'”


“Do I hit”

“Wait, wait, aren’t you still blinded? Hmm….yeah, you are. Roll to see if you overcome it.”

Seems kinda like a PITA pure mechanics wise. Not that that’s inherently bad, just not sure the benefit of the mechanic (different shaped probability distribution) is warranted.

Of course, none of this is based in any RL experience whatsoever. It’s all based in the crazy swirl going on in the noggin!