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Lt. Tyler
  • Markshire PCs:

Heh, well, the first one was a couple months old when I registered at Markshire (May 2006 or so). Funniest thing, whenever I tried to get in game with s-m-r when the boy was sleeping, the boy would wake up. Didn’t matter what time it was, or how much the kid should have been set up to sleep well.

Then I disappeared from MS as the second one was coming, and turns out I actually needed to get some work done. 😆 After that, the work of two little ones just kicked our asses. Finally things are settling down to something more normal.

Still though, heading up two kids that age for any decent length of time solo is an imposition on the other person, no two ways around it. And if I’m gonna drive my ass out to the Finger lakes, I want the full experience!