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  • Markshire PCs:

Woo, Yay ! The Freezer is back !

Sort of.

A third of my chars are .. missing. All have been busted back by a year and more worth of levels; gear lost, no access to persistent chests. Panitha is now an invalid char due to having ” too many feats”. All of which is the effect of having to make such a drastic roll-back to old data; can’t be helped so it’s an observation, not a whinge, and maybe notification to anyone else intending to log in and catch up.

Actually I find the roll-back to be so drastic I would rather make a clean start of it all again .

Please delete all my chars, no attempts to save anything. I will take this as an opportunity to clean-up, start again and re-discover Markshire anew. Which is nice :)

(But horses are not; really, I find them to be not worth the hassles that do come about by their use. I would prefer to continue travelling the land via Shanks’ Pony)