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@s-m-r wrote:

Anyone have recommendations/tweaks for running NWN through Windows 7?

According to several sources online you need to set the game to run in compatibility mode for Windows XP.

One online source simply said:

I just installed the game from my original Diamond edition CD, and then d/l and install the critical update. I then right-click on the game icon, and set compatibility mode for windows xp. It is running fine.

I have yet to use or even look at Windows 7 as I am in total awe of the Snap feature. I don’t think I can handle the greatness of that one feature of Windows 7. I mean, two windows, situated perfectly half-n-half on the screen. It’s just too much to comprehend. What will they think of next … real easy share networking that just works? No… that doesn’t come close to the Snap feature. I will just have to steel myself for this totally awesome feature when and if I get Windows 7.