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@s-m-r wrote:

That pic is of one of his old pulp characters, Death Dealer, if I’m not mistaken. I have a graphic novel of DD, written by Glenn Danzig and painted by Frazetta from the late 90’s. Epic fantasy, and fantastically gory.

RIP, Mr. Frazetta.

It inspired a series of books as well as the graphic novels you have ( and at least one other set of graphic novels ).

The books were by James Silke. Gath of Baal was the name they gave him. Classic, gory barbarian fun that I still re-read from time to time.

The documentary ” Painting with fire ” was about him as well ( As Monty well knows if I recall correctly ). Interesting cat he was.

T is right, that pretty much is my fav piece of Art. He was an original and hugely talented at conveying pure Badass.