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Here are some of my thoughts on the bigger picture you present, LT.

I’d recommend the lead bad guy seem much more charismatic, compassionate, and friendly. If the world is already in disarray, with people running scared (normal citizens as well as adventurers, politicians, and more), then they’ll want to hear a comforting, reassuring leader who can lead them out of the darkness, and into a new age. Someone confident and able as a warrior, leader, and organizer.

Of course, this is simply a way for Loki to dismantle the government in Markshire while it’s up against the ropes. By providing people with an alternative–“abandon your government”–and have lieutenants that reflect the various reasons to do this, it diverts the argument away from good vs. evil, and more along the lines of law vs. chaos.

For example, abandon your government because:
–they are unfit to rule. The response to the release of the Titan has taken too long for Lord Mark to respond. Many refugees are literally left “out in the cold,” unattended, while Lord Mark and his cronies still sit safe in their castles and cities, surrounded by guards.
–they are weak. Had the soldiers been outfitted in better gear and better discipline, they would have been able to handle this.
–they cannot be trusted. Somehow, it was in Lord Mark’s best interest to lose the Gate, or release the Titan. Perhaps accuse Lord Mark of sowing disorder in order to strengthen his position at home. This one’s a stretch, I know…

The veteran you mention, LT, would be only a minor character in this kind of story; an obvious, one-dimension-of-the-whole that can be explored and perhaps elaborated upon as time goes on. Depending on which facet gains the most traction, storylines can branch out from there.

I’m personally fond of the one-armed veteran idea, and although I never followed-through on the original character sketch it would be interesting to see how it develops if used in this manner.