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  • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar


Engman is a “supporter” of Markshire and defender of the town. Like the mob bosses were patriotic during World War II.

He should take interest in finding out who’s working so close to his territory and preying on his “marks”.

Base the cut-throat group around the camp in NF below Yar and you could play out a thieves war as Engman and the Yeti take on the independents.

Using the side pass (made for monsters/evil dudes to get to the desert) is a good place and shows some newbs that it’s there.

Remember, Gastlinyk Gate isn’t destroyed (just a bit ruined) and the War of the Pass has yet to truly happen. There are plenty of locations in GG that are ruined to ambush someone as well as the initial side pass.