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Here’s my reply.

@Thrym wrote:


I won’t delete or ban your new character, Catani. I certainly want you to continue playing her.

Here’s the deal with invisibility or stealth and ripping off creatures or anything that’s guarded… roleplay it. Be cautious, emote your actions (the creatures shouldn’t react) but use stuff like …

  • *cautiously opens the chest while the orc’s back is turned*
  • *stealthily removes the coins from the table*
  • *palms the gold goblet sitting there*
  • *slips the necklace from the nightstand and puts it in her pouch*

Now, if perchance there’s a guard who’s standing near the chest and it happens to be right on top of it and doesn’t seem to want to randomly walk about much … then assume that he should see the chest opening and leave it for another day.

Theft is a part of roleplay even if it’s not programmed into the game well.

As with any type of action, doing something repeatedly isn’t good form but just keep this in mind when you are doing something and you’ll be fine.

In all things, talk to me or a DM first before reacting to other players’ scolding. They may understand the rules, etc. but they are not in charge in any way.

Have fun and remember, roleplay it out.