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Lt. Tyler
  • Markshire PCs:

I liked the Booze tour, and for that the van was key (unless it was too expensive – in that case I certainly don’t mind driving folks around).

I also think a bit more roleplaying gaming or Battletech would be cool, as g said during the downtimes (though it can be hard to get going – in this case maybe deciding the system and stuff, getting characters started earlier, would help).

The bon fire was great (thanks again Guido) even if those bastiche NY skeeters feasted on this Masshole. So if it’s not a burden on him and his family, it’d be nice to keep that going.

For things I could do without, I totally loved seeing the A-team, but movies aren’t the most social events. Still, that was a great choice. If there’s something similar next year it’s a possibility, but I would probably put more gaming above it.

Multiple driving trips to beer halls is good too, but I might stick to one, either the Syracuse ones or the Finger Lakes ones. But seeing as I’d predict Fri-Sun is gonna be my usual dates, it might not matter much.