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  • Markshire PCs:

Yeah, the Bonfire and cookout are pretty much staples at this point, and at least one beer/booze run.

I do think more gaming would be cool – we are nerdy computer geeks – uh, retired cagefighters after all….

Van was a big help simply because it only required one driver to be beer-free, and since Thom is the guy, no one else had to forgo the alcohol. If it is too expensive, I’m sure we could contribute to the van fund.

I would also restrict beer runs to say 20 miles, unless we are going that way for other reasons. I wasn’t there for the Syracuse thing, but it sounded like it killed a lot of time.

Since I am the volunteer cook, I wouldn’t mind making a brunch at Thom’s or Guido’s place. We can set the menu ahead of time, take me on a supervised shopping excursion (or stop on the way up), and gather the ingredients. But no feeding drunks at 6AM – that is RIGHT OUT. More like 10-10:30 after I drag myself from the couch.

That’s all I can think of at this point….