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Welcome to Markshire!

I like the concept that you’ve come up with and I’m sure it would be do-able here in Markshire. We have many great DMs (like SMR) that I’m sure would be willing to help set up some nice RP to get you started. But, I can only really talk from a player’s point of view, but I can say that the DMs here are very helpful. I’m sure you’ll find that out soon enough though. 🙂

As mentioned, having a diety in mind will help with your character concept for in game RP. And yes, chaos vs lawful is more the way things in Markshire are presented, not to say that there isn’t good vs evil too, because there is. And when things are ready, a nice CDS session(s) would be the way to go giving you some good RP time for your character and with a DM.

I would like to suggest creating a bio for your character. This is an area where I know I’m lacking a bit but I hope to improve that by making a bio for my most recent character. This is a good place to lay down some roots after you work out the back story and details of your character. Which is what I’m currently working on doing too even though I’m already playing that character. If you’re up for some reading or you need to see how things are structured, you can check out the bio page and read a few bios of other characters to get the feel for it. And to be honest, some of that stuff is pretty good reading. Some people keep a running log so to speak of all of their adventures in Markshire, so there’s a lot of history there.

Well, I hope that this helps in some way with your character concept and being able to flesh it out. And before I forget, the most important rule in all of Markshire is: Have Fun!