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  • Markshire PCs:

Haha, thanks a lot for the friendly advice and welcomes. I have been role-playing for about six years now, so there’s no worries in the basics of creating a character, though I sure appreciate it! =D

I just wanted to make sure this was possible before writing the biography for my character, so I have her backstory all flushed out, y’know?

Anyways, the deity Adora would look to most often would likely be Odin, but much like the pantheon of the gods is more or less a huge family, the group itself would likely consist of clerics from several different faiths and their guardians would … range from just being really close friends to the cleric or sharing the same faith, to being lovers and the like.

As far as neutral vs. chaos goes, the group would … likely be neutral? I come from a mindset that focuses far more on good vs. evil (though I love what I’ve read so far of this setting), more or less because it really speaks to me as a person. As far as that goes, the group would likely be good, so in total; Neutral Good overall.

In summary, Neutral Good group consisting of several different faiths that include guardians from all walks of life. Anyways, I’m going to assume at this point, from all the positive feedback, that this is accepted and I’ll move on to Adora’s biography.

P.S. – I like how I’m a rat. What, do I have 1d2 + Con modifier HP? =P