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  • Markshire PCs:

As Bram walks past the Foothold bulletin board, something catches his good eye. It is a small note floating in mid air very near the board. He adjusts his eye patch, leans on his staff a bit, and squints to read the note as it is rather dark out this evening.

“So, Cat is looking for skeleton knuckles, as am I. I hope her note catches the attention of someone able to gather them. I would pay well for them too. But this note, it just won’t do…”

Bram reaches out to the note and says a few words quietly and waves his hand from left to right over the note. The note slowly increases in size a bit, and all the lettering on the note becomes much clearer to read.

“There, that should do.”

Bram slowly continues about his way wondering if there is someone who is brave and capable enough to fetch the knuckles.