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  • Markshire PCs:

Wow I went in today cause they wanted to take me down into their impound yard and have me move a couple cars around, just to see if i actually knew what I was talking about. Then the Owner started giving a class in assessing a winch-out (figuring how much force is needed to pull a vehicle out of its predicament and figuring if you have enough anchor resistance and how to achieve more) This is done so you know if your truck is capable of providing the required service and if not how big a truck will you need to call in to assist.
Quite a bit to wrap your head around and a lot of math but as it turns out a lot simpler than it sounds. Wont be to much longer and ill be issued a truck. Seems the truck they have lined up for me is going to be a 06 Ford F-650 Super-Duty extended cab rollback with air-ride. A really nice truck from what i saw of it as it was in a shop bay getting a full service done on it.