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Whew!!! Ok heres the Update
3 days of training learning their way of loading the vehicle, securing the vehicle and then unloading the vehicle. Then there is their paperwork. So for 3 days I have worked with 3 different Drivers working their trucks while they supervise then report back to the manager. Now for these 3 days I make nothing the Training Driver collects all the commission the truck makes. Man am I glad that’s over with. As predicted I have been issued Truck #404 a 2008 Ford F650, extended cab, with a 21 foot Jerr-Dan Rollback, 2 tool boxes, light bar, Air Brakes and Air Ride control with the option to release the Air from the rear Air bags thus lowering the rear of the truck to load small cars easier. (Pictures to follow as soon as i wash her up nice and pretty) Today was the first day I was out by myself My truck brought in just over $300 than makes by pay for the day about $100 thats twice what I was making for the last Prick I drove for and with less hours and a whole lot less screaming on the radio. Man I live for this ****!!!!