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  • Markshire PCs:

What less-experienced players Opie? Are they hiding somewhere? That’s the point I was attempting to make. There aren’t any new players to ask. I’ve also tried the billboard and as I said in my post, that’s only a short term solution. You’ll get a few responses and a few knuckles. There has to be a better, more effective way to produce enchanting oil in quantities that are meaningful. It’s crucial to the craft and so important to other aspects of the game.

How about putting an orc in a cave with a huge bag of knuckles? This orc is really a meanie. He’s very tough! Chances are he’ll be killing me long before I can lay my hands on that bag of knuckles. Well . . . I’ve died so many times I’m actually getting used to it! Garm and I often sit on a rock in Hel and share a cup of tea! He’s really not such a bad fellow. All of you out there must know fighting is not one of my best attributes. But . . . I’m willing to take my chances with that orc! At least it wouldn’t be impossible to obtain knuckles, just really difficult!

Kelly Ann 🙂