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  • Markshire PCs:

Hello. Well, if I know my Zerg abominations they should have a lot of knuc… What’s that? Wrong game? Oh.. I knew that. I was just.. um… testing you guys and girls. Yeah, that’s it… testing.

Ok, back to Markshire, eh?

Well, I think a board posting is a good idea. I think getting some low level peope to help you is a good idea. and I also think a CDS is a good idea. But all of these are short term ideas and we need something for the long run. Something where people can get them for themselves somehow like other crafting materials.

The easy way would be to make all skeletons drop knuckles no matter what level they are. Or, perhaps give the player a shovel and send them to a grave yard to dig some up. (Thinking of the grave yard on the way to Spinehold) There’s my .02 cents.