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When you create a fantasy football league you should have the option to auto invite all the old teams from the previous season, which should have invited me. You don’t even need my email address for it, it is entered automatically.

If that didn’t work then all i needed was the league id and password I could have signed up myself. I don’t understand why you were having trouble with my email. I use it on a daily basis and never have any problems. I am also in 2 other fant football leagues and have no issues. See as it is a keeper league and I’ve had a team since it started, maybe you should let me join and you end with one bye week a team or just boot the new team so I can continue to play.

For the record my email account is the yahoo one, aol was a throw away I’ve never used. My Valgrimm account on markshire is linked to the correct yahoo account. I do have 2 other markshire accounts for portales and vastion that were linked to different emails if thats what was being used. Both those are dead emails, the Valgrimm account is the only one I use.

It’s you’re guys league and I’ve enjoyed playing in it, but I don’t think it’s right to boot me because I couldn’t sign up fast enough, the season is still a month away.