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  • Markshire PCs:

@Valgrimm wrote:

I understand that there WAS a problem with my email.

You were not reachable by any means and appeared to be inactive. IIRC T reached out to you via PM over a couple weeks to try and get that resolved. There was no response until after you were replaced.
@Valgrimm wrote:

Having said that the decision to boot me was not because of the email, it was to include someone else that was not me.

False. You were booted because your email was broke and you didn’t answer T’s repeated attempts to contact you (via PM on this site), I believe this went on for a couple weeks without a response. We didn’t know what was going on, you coulda been on a walkabout or on a mission trip, jogging across this great nation of ours or perhaps you just couldn’t be arsed with answering emails and pm’s. We didn’t know and we chose to fill your spot with someone that would be an active participant. We got to this point before even talking about who exactly would be brought in.

@Valgrimm wrote:

I realize that some of you guys are old buddies and you wouldn’t know me if I walked past you on the street, but I felt that I made quite a few friends in my time here. And this isn’t how you treat your friends. If you want to put some other dude in the league that you guys are buddies with, fine, be honest and say that, don’t beat around the bush, tell me I can play next season, then lock me out of the forum.

There was no beating around the bush, I believe T told you what/why you were replaced and he was being truthful.

Why is it so hard to believe you were replaced because of inactivity?