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What G said.

I understand you feel that posting to the general public makes you feel like you’re being persecuted or martyred. I created the completely separate and inaccessible forum just for you so we could communicate privately as per an e-mail or PM.

Your e-mail address returns any e-mail to me EACH and EVERY time I e-mail you or the forum e-mails you or the Yahoo Fantasy Football website e-mails you. I’m sorry you don’t believe this but that’s the truth of the matter.

There was no way to contact you and for all intents and purposes you were AFK indefinitely. The draft was last weekend. You posted here FINALLY on the 7th after repeatedly not getting through to you via any other means of communication.

We needed to get the system finalized and ready prior to the draft to ensure that the 11 other players on there could plan and participate properly.

There was nothing personal about any of this. You are just choosing to make it personal. I have tried to be patient and understanding about all of this and have gotten none in return.

Post to the open forums about this matter again and I will be forced to remove your access to them. I’m sorry you are upset and we don’t want to lose you as a player but I will not have anymore of this.