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Lt. Tyler
  • Markshire PCs:

Good lawdy, get that baby outta there!

My kids also have incredibly huge heads. The first one, at his 3 day appt, the nurse measured it twice, thinking her first was wrong. Then the doctor came in, looked at the number, and said, “Let’s measure that again” 100th percentile here we come. There was some tearing when he came out (the nurses were placing bets thinking my wife couldn’t push him out – they obviously don’t know Mrs. LT).

For the girl, her head was also always at 100th percentile too, which on a 5th percentile body is…a tad alienish. She even needed an ultrasound to make sure there wasn’t a head/brain problem. Perhaps it’s lucky that she came out 6 weeks early.

Hang in there mudder and wife!