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  • Markshire PCs:

Work schedule got jacked up about a month before the season started. I had to take the season off from coaching though I am still helping on our home dates. I am the “voice in the sky” doing play by play from the awesome 70 degree comfort of the press box.. mispronouncing names, doing the 1/2 and 1/2 drawings and playing music during gamebreaks.

I took the liberty of bringing a tablet with no cd player (“Sorry man, I can’t play your mix-cd”) and got a new Raider themed playlist.

The Raider-Only songs include

Paint it Black
The Chicago Bulls Theme
Imperial March
and the NWO-Black and White remix

The Star Spangled banner version is of course Jimmy (not the greatest guitarist ever, but certainly top 10!) Hendrix Live from Woodstock. I follow that up with Reveillie on the bagpipes.

There’s a mixed bag of other stuff, including Yakkity Sax and 80’s TV themes…

As far as the teams go. Our young divisions are pretty darn good but our older 2 teams are pretty darn bad. We ran off our terrible 9-10 year old coaches (the guys that took over that age group after me and my guys moved up) about a week ago, but it was a little late imo… those kids were totally out of control, fighting one another during games, dropping the F bomb and throwing waterbottles at the coaches head. Their (the coaches) overall crappyness has really hurt our player retention at that level (which also hurts the oldest division).

The older divisions will get sorted out as these younger kids age up. We’ve got a good shot at retaining em all with those 2 dorks gone from the JP squad. Both the younger divisions should be playing for a title this season, winning brings in talent from the out of whack rec leagues here.