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  • Markshire PCs:

I dig the coordinators that he brought in and the philosophy sales pitch to the media he gave. Hurney hasn’t done anything completely retarded yet this offseason (tendered all the RFA’s worth keeping).

The Shockey hiring is interesting, Either the owner has had a change of heart (bah-dum tisss) or Hurney has because he doesn’t fit the “Jerry’s Kid” mold of player we’d target in FA during the Fox era (Foxy had a diminishing role in those kind of decisions during his time here).

For the first time in years, we had a major need that the HC identified and it was addressed via FA. Rivera actually brought it up within a week of being hired that “My! what a hodgepodge turdpile of various TE subtypes you have!” Now we have an old one that gets hurt all the time… and the situation is honestly better.

so, all that to say, an interesting start. The draft will be another interesting moment… Hurney’s arse is on the line too. He’s still a big believer in Clausen, because he has to be. Throwing a hope pick at any of the clowns in this draft would be admitting how stupid he was for the 4 draft picks he invested last April in the position. If we go QB with the first pick, well, none of those guys are going to improve Carolina this season, or next and Hurney will never work as a GM in the NFL again.