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  • Markshire PCs:

Yeesh. You guys got a pair of 1st and 2nds going into the next draft and “the most pro ready QB in the draft”… which I’m sure hoody will turn into more draft picks in a couple years.

good form

I don’t have Cam fever, but I’m not hating the pick as bad after a couple days… except that the lockout is back on.

rock and a hardplace

Our line was a catastrophe last season. Gross started the season hurt and couldn’t pass protect for sheeit. Otah missed the whole season @ ROT (the backup ROT Schwartz was terrible and they moved him back to G). The guards blew in pass protection and well… when the line sucks, your best rb is hurt, your only pass catching threat is 5’9″ and 30 years old.. you can put any QB in there and you will get wtfpwned. Throw a rookie in there and it’s just hilariously worse. You get blitzed with impunity because you can’t make the other team pay.

So, some months later.

The line is healthy again, for now at least and Williams will be healthy for now at least (he may be on a different team CBA stuff pending etc), Gettis/LaFail got a lot of snaps @ wr last season (imo Gettis will get a lot more looks this season, he consistently beats man coverage and he’s a big play guy). It’s a better situation already for a QB


in addition to installing a new O, it’s now going to be tailored to Newton’s strengths. Both the run and passing game. This is word from the HC in a presser yesterday… we’re putting a lot of eggs in that basket. The lockout is back on and we’re installing change on top of sweeping changes.

whole lotta if’s. Just like last offseason.

The CBA stuff could break one off in us though. If a new CBA is reached and the FA rules for expiring contracts during CBA expiration are lifted we’re gonna get a whole lot worse.

starters on D we will lose immediately to FA.

DE Charles Johnson – very good last season
CB Richard Marshall – we will also lose a nickle/backup here
OLB James Anderson – was joey bananas last season, shoulda been in the pro bowl instead of Jon Beason
DT DT – couple space eaters, we addressed this in the draft but this will jack up our rotation.

We will also lose Deangelo Williams and “pro bowl” C Ryan Kalil to FA.

We have tendered ALL of those guys (and a bunch of others) with original round contracts, but I know of none of them signing. We are walking a thin line as it is, but if the CBA stuff gets resolved and those guys walk, or other teams match the original round tender, we’re in for another 1-2 win season.